Living Solidarity Days 25-27.02.2022

For the Multiplication of the Project we realized the “Living Solidarity Days” festival which took place 25-27.02.22 in MOOS – Berlin.

We created a public event and invited many interested parties to join an inclusive, multidisciplinary gathering of activists and change-makers, where we could explore together the diverse aspects of solidarity, shared knowledge and empowered social change. We reached out in preparation to many various organizations active in the field of Solidarity and invited exciting speakers and workshop leaders to share their knowledge.

Our program frame was covering the different fields of Solidarity like: Solidarity with the climate, Solidarity in the local community, Solidarity in Europe with the focus on Ukraine, Solidarity through Arts.

Together we created a diverse and participative program hosted at the collaborative HUB: “MOOS” in Berlin and also had a streaming provided in our virtual space JOYNT.  We hosted more than 50 workshops and info-sessions, had different plenary discussions, exhibitions and screenings of movies. Everything was supported by an inclusive community space, with common meals, a rich cultural program and a lot of space for encounters and dialogue.

For the 3 days we invited everyone interested to join a creative and playful journey on how to empower and implement Solidarity as an inclusive foundation in the different areas of our lives (culture, work, community building, economy, education, etc.).

The situation of the outburst of War in Ukraine put a much more stronger focus on the political aspect as we were planning in the beginning, so we had the chance to give Ukrainian, Belarussian and russian peace activists the space to present their work and reflections about the current situation and we were supporting an open space for dialogue and sharing what we could do to support the situation from our perspective.

The event was much bigger than we planned, many people were interested to share their perspectives on solidarity and representatives of organizations were giving insights into their work. We could share the outcomes of the project with info sessions, workshops, and exhibitions of the results, which reached many people and supported the reflection about how we could continue our journey. 


Solidarity is an inspiration to young people to become creative

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About the Project

Based on our KA2-strategic partnership project “Living Solidarity Alliance” we create various learning opportunities for the youth workers to explore How can solidarity become more present in our activities? What can we do to develop a sense of solidarity in our communities through youth work? designed together the intellectual outcomes (Research-Report, Podcast-Series, Guidebook).

Our Partners

The Living Solidarity Alliance partnership is initiated five partners from five different countries. CABUWAZI (Germany), Joint (Ital, Arte Ago (Poland), Tandem (Greece), Pangeya Ultima (Ukraine)

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We are always on the look out for new partners to join, experts to connect and ideas to share! If you have something to contribute, ask us, feel free to get in touch with us.

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