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We support the professional development of youth workers, to empower and guide young people to get involve in solidarity activities: To reflect the world we live in, to express our needs and wishes, to develop our inner potential and to make a change.

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About the Project

Based on our KA2-strategic partnership project “Living Solidarity Alliance” we are creating learning opportunities for the youthworkers and design together the intellectual outcomes (research, Video and Podcast-Series, methodological guidebook).
On this solid ground we will explore how to implement the Solidarity focus in the local Youthwork….. Learn more

Our Partners

The Living Solidarity Alliance partnership is initiated five parners from five different countries… Learn more

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We are always on the look out for new partners to join, experts to connect and ideas to share! If you have something to contribute, ask us, feel free to get in touch with us. Learn more

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How to get involved?

Here a short visual overview on how to get involved on different levels with the Living Solidarity Alliance – becoming a partner, collaborateur, supporter, expert, participant or follower: contact us directly so we can speak in concrete about the possible ways of involvement: living.solidarity.alliance@gmail.com – Thank You, looking forward to connect with You

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