Call for Joining the PEACE CARAVAN

We wish to invite artists, activists, educators, volunteers to join a common fleet of caravans moving together to Ukraine sharing hope and peace through social art, creative dialogue and culture of togetherness along the way. We bring this message of hope as a direct answer to the fear and aggression related to the Russian invasion and make it a living symbol of peace empowering solidarity and community (re)building.

>Sharing an open call and inviting for the common journey:
– Reaching out for the mobile collectives already existing
– Reaching out for potential collaborators
– Reaching out for potential artists, activists, (in Europe & Ukraine)
– S etting up an info-age

>Collecting and preparing the necessary infrastructure:
-Setting up the van ready to drive
-Collecting the equipment (sounds, lights, tents, kitchen, solar panels, streaming, deco)
-Setting up the virtual space (social media, streaming platform, documentation space)
-Setting up a crowdfunding – crowdsourcing campaign (video, webpage link)
-Reaching out for potential partners (media, supporters for content,
-Having a final event to start the journey with local community

Phase3 – Moving to Polish-Ukraine Border
> Setting up a space at the border for welcoming and supporting the refugees and local community:
– Building up or joining a physical space for making the people get information, come together, have cultural connection, safe space for being warm and supported
– Having a documentation with photo, video, audio (interviews) from the situation at the border
-Create a streaming bridge to the world with giving people the voice to share
gather more activist/artists motivated to join the call for the Caravan

Phase4 – Driving through Ukraine to Kiev (when the situation is safe enough)
>Moving with the Caravan through Ukraine, having several stops on the way to meet the local community, share support, create cultural dialogue, collect insights and voices from the people we encounter on the way:
– Share hope and empowerment through culture
– Building up a mobile infrastructure on several places in Ukraine, with the support of the local community and with involvement of the Ukrainian artists and activists
Creating a cultural offering for dialogue and community building (concerts, movies, workshops, kids animation…)
– Offer volunteering support for rebuild and hand on support for local communities
Streaming in and out the content to make people in the world aware about the actual situation and share the insights of the peace building process
– Create a cultural dialogue space (online – real life) for connecting with the region

Phase5 – Arriving to Kiev – setting up infrastructure on Trukhaniv Island
>Setting up a cultural freedom space on the central island of the city Trukhaniv Island
joining the already existing infrastructure of the Majdan Freedom Movement and creating a publicly available space for a culture of peace and empowerment of the local community
– Supporting the Coordination of volunteers support for hands on support in the city
– Setting up an infrastructure for cultural activities (stages, tents for workshops, food space, family space, circus)
– Streaming and sharing through the virtual channels insights about the local reality, invite artists, activists to collaborate, create common dialogue space
– Documenting and sharing the process of peace building as an act of international co-creation and solidarity in action
– Building bridges to spaces around the globe where people can connect with the intention of dialogue for peace, create common cultural events connected through stream
– Being an info and coordination point for incoming supporters/volunteers/donations…

Phase6 – Sharing the outcomes and documentation with a wider public
> exhibition with multidisciplinary character (photo, video, art creation…) expressing the transformative nature of culture for peace (in different cities worldwide and online)
– Supporting peace building projects – creating networks and follow up projects
– Setting up a permanent space for peace and culture in Kiev on Trukhaniv Island
Publish movie, book, virtual space for sharing the outcomes of the process


  • sharing and fine-tuning the concept
  • reflecting what is needed as infrastructure
  • Reaching out for potential partners and preparing the call
  • Having the project described and a virtual space to present
  • Preparing the crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform
  • Setting up an team communication structure which will be open, transparent and effective

    Register to join: https://forms.gle/CM59KpFHbDdpFkFw7
    Contact: +49 1787276438 (tomek) mail: join@solidarity-alliance.org

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About the Project

Based on our KA2-strategic partnership project “Living Solidarity Alliance” we are creating learning opportunities for the youthworkers and design together the intellectual outcomes (research, Video and Podcast-Series, methodological guidebook).
On this solid ground we will explore how to implement the Solidarity focus in the local Youthwork.

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The Living Solidarity Alliance partnership is initiated five partners from five different countries.

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We are always on the look out for new partners to join, experts to connect and ideas to share! If you have something to contribute, ask us, feel free to get in touch with us.

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