Growing solidarity podcasts #3

Have you ever wondered what solidarity means to you?🧐 What does the word solidarity mean for a young person? Where can you find it? Is there any “super hero” in our day, concrete example of solidarity?”Living Solidarity Alliance” is a project financed by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme under the framework of Strategic Partnership.

The general aim is to increase the ability to work more effectively with the focus of solidarity with young people and find new inspiration on how solidarity can be more present in our society. After a long process of research made by 5 European organisations, Associazione Joint Milano, Fundacja Arte Ego, Tandem, Development center Pangeya Ultima / Центр розвитку Пангея Ультіма, CABUWAZI-Altglienicke, the results are being shared through video podcasts “Growing Solidarity”.Eric, a young volunteer, shares with the association Arte Ego how he lives the value of solidarity and explains from his point of view what should be done to make it more visible in our society.✨

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