Living Solidarity Days

Living Solidarity Days

25-27.02.22 in MOOS – Berlin

YOU are invited to join an inclusive, multidisciplinary gathering of activists and change-makers, where we can explore together the diverse aspects of solidarity, share knowledge and empower social change.

Together we will create a diverse and participative program hosted at the collaborative HUB: “MOOS” in Berlin and also in a virtual space.

For the 3 days (25-27.02.2022) we invite everyone to join a creative and playful journey on how to empower and implement Solidarity as an inclusive foundation in the different areas of our lives (culture, work, community building, economy, education, etc.).

So feel welcome to join the journey!

Moosdorfstraße 7-9
12435 Berlin

Follow us on Instagram: @living_solidarity

01787276438 (Tomek)
015168126224 (Jacob)



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