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Workcamps and experiential workshops

NGO “Development center Pangeya Ultima” (Ukraine) organizes experiential education for youth in outdoor and rural areas to improve their self-confidence, practical skills and leadership competency. Manual work can be a good opener for those who are not likely to share proactively in the bigger group. As well for urban youth it is a source of practical knowledge and can inspire them to lead less dependent from digital devices lifestyle. On the picture is a workcamp organized by DC Pangeya Ultima and Internationaler Bauorden (Germany) in the Stina village, Ukraine in 2018.

Circus Space Pirates

Circus Space Pirates is using the power of circus and play to connect people, foster self-empowerment and reclaim the public space as learning space for all. With the circus, we speak a universal language that tells a story of community, inclusion and solidarity. Circus Space Pirates encourages people from all backgrounds to feel empowered to express their true nature in a playful connection with the world, and allow their freedom and creativity to turn dreams into a shared reality. This invitation supports the values of the individual in the realm of solidarity, respect, human rights & dignity – with this, we explore a togetherness where pluralism, integration, tolerance, justice and equality can thrive: a place of belonging where we can live and contribute as a community – valuing our diversity and embracing our potential. Check out the Circus Space Pirates website and Instagram #circusspacepirates #solidarity #goodsolidaritypractice #livingsolidarityalliance #cabuwazi #socialcircus

Preserving heritage in the Stina community

Development center Pangeya Ultima / Центр розвитку Пангея Ультіма is working on preserving heritage and traditions of the Stina village. Local people have a chance to present their rich and authentic patrimony to visitors and participants of our non-formal education events held there. On this pic you can see people sharing how they carry out the traditional wedding in Stina during the #terraincognitaproject ( (K2, Erasmus Plus). This is a complex event with many acting characters involved and customs followed. #goodsolidaritypractice #livingsolidarityalliance #pangeyaultima #ecocenterstina

Intercultural Youth Studio

Intercultural Youth Studio hosts initiatives and activities connected with audio-visual and multimedia products, live performances and media events, civic journalism, artistic and other cause of creative expression of young people in multicultural setting. While working in the intercultural team youths develop their interpersonal, creative and entrepreneurial skills. Media production not only develops the practical and organizational skills of participants of the Studio but lets them express own ideas, interests and self-actualize. Since 2014 DC Pangeya Ultima organizes various projects in the direction of media production that brings favorable effects on target groups of young people from different countries gathering in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Check out our web-blog: #youthinsight #solidarity #goodsolidaritypractice #livingsolidarityalliance #interculturalyouthstudio #pangeyaultima

Image Mapping

“Image Mapping” is the project on intercultural dialogue, revitalization and uncovering the beauty of rural communities. Image Mapping fosters international interpersonal exchange in the countryside, Image Mapping promotes shared non-formal learning during community actions, activates and empowers participants, Image Mapping explores the local heritage and promotes it for boosting interest in incoming rural tourism. The project collects people eager to explore and revitalize the cultural life of small rural communities, who want to help preserve and actualize its heritage and who are ready to help to local hospitality operators become more visible and effective. Check out our web-site: #imagemapping #goodsolidaritypractice #livingsolidarityalliance #pangeyaultima

Experiential and interactive workshops for disabled children (Tandem NGO)

Tandem organizes experiential and interactive workshops and activities for the children and youngsters inside PIKPA, an institution for disabled children and youngsters in Athens. Physical movements support the psychomotor skills, self-consciousness, confidence and social communication. On the picture you can see a session of our dance therapy workshop, that helped the youngsters to release their feelings and interact with each other through dancing and movements. #goodsolidaritypractice #livingsolidarityalliance

Global youth advocacy (Joint)

Global Youth Advocacy is a Capacity Building project, designed and coordinated by Associazione Joint (Milan, Italy) and carried out in partnership with organizations from Europe and Latin America (Ye too Ponese from Spain, D.G.T. from Romania, BogotArt from Colombia, Techo from Ecuador and Mudha from Dominican Republic).

The project aim is to empower young people all over the world, so that they can really make an impact on a social and political level. The project does so, by supporting participants in acquiring tools to carry out an effective advocacy campaign regarding topics of their interest.  The activities proposed are based on Non Formal Education and Popular Education Methodologies, and help participants in the analysis of the context they live in, and in finding collective transformative solutions to the issues that affect them.

(As a result of the project, “Youthnetworks” was created:  a web platform aimed at building a community of organisations working in the field of youth, where they can connect, share experiences and have their voices heard.) More information here:

Youth 4 Europe (Joint)

“Youth for Europe” is a long-term project, funded in the framework of the call European Youth Together (KA3 Erasmus+).

The main objective of the project is to stimulate a bottom-up process which will promote solidarity and a more inclusive European society and establish dialogue and cooperation among young people, policy makers and organisations. The project thus, aims at fostering youth participation in decision-making processes, supporting participants in strengthen their knowledge of the EU policies through intercultural learning, Non-formal education and peer to peer activities.

In practical terms, groups of young people have been asked to develop several proposals to modify or improve current EU policies, during 6 different Youth Exchanges. The Youth Exchanges focused three main sectors (Youth; Media; Environment) which allowed participants to focus on topics that truly concerns their interests and daily life. Examples of issues covered were: Education, Job and Mobility policies, social media manipulation, hate crimes, Mental Health, Food Quality, Pollution.

Proposals underwent a voting process through an online platform and local dissemination events and the most voted ones have been discussed and presented to policy makers, MEP and relevant stakeholders. More information here:

Crescendo: Music of change (Joint)

Crescendo: Music of Change is a Youth Exchange aimed at fostering intercultural dialogue through traditional music, that saw the participation of more than 40 young people coming from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Turkey.  Through musical expression, community life and Non-formal Education methodologies, participants had the chance to reflect on the European Values of inclusion, pluralism, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Traditional music becomes the tool that transcend cultural and language barriers and allows participants to communicate and understand each other.

Music represents thus, the starting point to assess one’s personal experience and point of views, supporting participants in identifying common values, shared practices and in appreciating each other’s differences. At the end of the experience, the various national groups are asked to cooperate to organize a final event for the local community, a final musical performance that pushes participants out of their comfort zone and requires them to be able to work together harmoniously, using the tools acquired in the previous days.

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