Growing solidarity podcasts #2

Solidarity is a value the society stands on, without it there wouldn’t be democracy nor freedom. Solidarity represents empathy, understanding, hospitality and support all at once. Solidarity means taking a step back to give future generations the opportunity to build a more inclusive and fair society. Sonja, who recently finished her volunteer project, explains toContinue reading “Growing solidarity podcasts #2”

Solidarity in Rural Areas of Ukraine

This video was filmed as a research-interview attempt in the Stina village of Ukraine to explore the presence of solidarity cohesion among the local people. (Video was produced by Pangeya Ultima team)

Interview with ETNOLIGA founder

‘Etnoliga’ Intercultural football project (by “Fundacja dla Wolności” („Foundation for Freedom”) Summary As part of the ‘Living solidarity Alliance’ project, we had the opportunity to interview Krzysztof Jarymowicz, who is the co-founder of the Foundation ‘Fundacja dla Wolności’ and the coordinator of the ‘Etnoliga’ project.  The aim of this project is to integrate people of variousContinue reading “Interview with ETNOLIGA founder”

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