Growing solidarity podcasts #5

Unfortunately not everyone in the world is given same chances. I consider myself lucky and for this reason I feel the responsibility to support those who live in vulnerable conditions. What motivates me in supporting others is a motto handed down by my grandfather “A life without helping others is not life at all!” ForContinue reading “Growing solidarity podcasts #5”

Growing solidarity podcasts #4

Solidarity means thinking about other people, while understanding the way they feel. Solidarity is a common #language. On such frame, sport plays a meaningful cultural role, through the way it builds a sense of belonging toward a common passion, over emotions and universal rules that break down prejudices and creates the ground for #equality, regardlessContinue reading “Growing solidarity podcasts #4”

Growing solidarity podcasts #3

Have you ever wondered what solidarity means to you? What does the word solidarity mean for a young person? Where can you find it? Is there any “super hero” in our day, concrete example of solidarity?”Living Solidarity Alliance” is a project financed by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme under the framework of Strategic Partnership. TheContinue reading “Growing solidarity podcasts #3”

Growing solidarity podcasts #2

Solidarity is a value the society stands on, without it there wouldn’t be democracy nor freedom. Solidarity represents empathy, understanding, hospitality and support all at once. Solidarity means taking a step back to give future generations the opportunity to build a more inclusive and fair society. Sonja, who recently finished her volunteer project, explains toContinue reading “Growing solidarity podcasts #2”