Interview with ETNOLIGA founder

‘Etnoliga’ Intercultural football project (by “Fundacja dla Wolności” („Foundation for Freedom”) Summary As part of the ‘Living solidarity Alliance’ project, we had the opportunity to interview Krzysztof Jarymowicz, who is the co-founder of the Foundation ‘Fundacja dla Wolności’ and the coordinator of the ‘Etnoliga’ project.  The aim of this project is to integrate people of variousContinue reading “Interview with ETNOLIGA founder”

Interview with “Chlebem i Solą”

Could you start by introducing us to your story with “ Chlebem i Solą” ( “With Bread and Salt” )? I am a co-founder. We started acting for refugees as a group of friends in 2013. It was the moment when the war in a neighboring country, Ukraine, was starting. The war was also inContinue reading “Interview with “Chlebem i Solą””