Living Solidarity – Guidebook:
How can solidarity become more present in our activities? What can we do to develop a sense of solidarity in our communities through youth work? This manual practically implements the methods and approaches that we have developed or adapted while searching for a deeper understanding of these questions. We have collected expert knowledge of already existing methodologies and created new ways (often in cooperation with other local organisations) to share the methods bringing more solidarity into our everyday activities. Some of the essential values in life are human bonds and continuously learning about ourselves and the world around us. Through various methods, including shorter and longer interactive experiences, we encourage reflection on universal values and the role of different aspects of solidarity in our life.


Platform Building Workshop

last Sunday we met together at our circus to learn how to build platforms for parades. We designed one common platform from the scretch to have an understading what need to be taken in consideration when we build a platform for the parade. On the 12.6. we are looking to join the Carnival for the…

Together with a wider community of cultural initiative we prepared for the 1.5. a peaceful and coulurful dance demonstration on the streets of Berlin. Through the last two years, we developed a creative approach to bring playful and interactive elements into demonstrations, which empowers people to join a participatory invitation to
express and connect with each other and the topic of the demo. We come in costumes, faceprints, music, and many circus tools. We do bubbles, paint faces, play games and invite peopleto join this colourful flow to share positive energy with each other and give meaning to thedemonstration, which goes beyond caring about certain slogans. We mainly participate inprotests focusing on Climate, Culture, Solidarity and Inclusive Society. We adapt offeringaccording to the topic and use preparation to reflect within the team how we understand thetheme of the demo and our personal view on the topic.

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