Our Partners

Associazione Joint

Associazione Joint was founded in December 2003 to promote social activities for youngsters between 14 and 30 y.o.
The mission of the organization is to provide non-formal education opportunities for young people through international mobility.
Association main office is in Milano where Joint can count on 8 full time and 3 part-time workers plus some EVS volunteer, civil servant and intern.
Joint developed and currently manages some of the most known websites of international mobility opportunities in Italy and is starting to have also known websites in English and in other languages.


We are anUkrainian non-governmental, non-profit organization (est. 2012) composed of youth, youth workers and third sector experts. Main mission states: Fostering the intercultural dialogue, creation of opportunities for personal development and emancipation of people and facilitation of sustainable development of communities. Programmes of the NGO encompass a range of topics the most active of which are the promotion of active citizenship, self-development of people and community development, media and communication, arts and culture, entrepreneurship stimulation, environmental protection and tourism development, etc.
The activities of the NGO are often based on non-formal education and utilization of international mobility programmes. With this the organization pursues its fundamental mission – facilitation of the intercultural dialogue

Arte Ego (Poland)

ARTE EGO Foundation is an NGO based in Warsaw&Łódź, Poland. We involve young people in self-development activities as well as social research and actions in international and local projects. We focus on empowerment and inclusion through art, street work, cross-sectoral networks and selfdirected community building, as well as integration of people from different cultures, social environments and age groups

TANDEM (Athens- Greece)

Tandem NGO is a civil non-profit organization that was founded in 2007 and its main activities are focused on providing support at the Attica’s Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (PAAPAV). PAAPAV is a state run institution, hosting aproximatly 75 disabled children and youngsters (3-30years old) with both physical and mental disabilities. Tandem was founded by volunteers with the goal to improve the quality of children’s’ and adults’ life with disabilities, the awareness of society concerning disability and social inclusion and the empowerment of vulnerable social groups.

CABUWAZI – Grenzkultur (Berlin)

CABUWAZI is a youth circus from Berlin that started in 1994 and is, since 2010 part of GrenzKultur gGmbH. With its five places in socially difficult areas of the city, CABUWAZI offers
circus pedagogical leisure time activities, mostly free of charge, for children between 4 and 21 years old.
The activities of CABUWAZI in Berlin are based on the idea that people, and children in specific, need to build up social competences in order to build up a stable and safe enviroment. Circus is an artform, a way of expressing that goes further then the spoken language. Together with the physical development of the body that circus provides – strength, balance, coordination … – it demands a certain trust in yourself and the others.

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